Preach the Word!

Praise God! For the third time (second this year), Sermon Central ( featured me as a contributor. What a privilege!

I post there the manuscripts of the messages I preach in our English Worship Service at the Makati Gospel Church. Other than Sermon Central, I also share these messages in the radio broadcast of "Tanglaw sa Landas ng Buhay" ("Light in the Path of Life") of Back to the Bible Philippines.

I praise Him for enlarging my borders. People from as far as Africa, Saudi Arabia, England and Italy have e-mailed me, thanking me for the sermons I posted in Sermon Central. Only eternity will reveal its fruit!

This, I believe, is an affirmation of my personal mission statement. My purpose in life is to glorify God through being a catalyst that brings out the best in my spheres of influence; specifically my family and the segment of the Body of Christ that God opened a door of ministry to me. In view of this, one of my guiding values in my life and ministry is "Teaching for Lifechange." Since the Word of God is the supreme authority for my faith, life and ministry and God gave it for transformation, not for information, I teach the Bible in all its simplicity, practicality and authority to change lives and to equip people for fruitful ministry.

May God continue to be honored through me and the ministry He entrusted to me!


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