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The Matter of the Heart

Tight end Brian Mandeville of the Northeastern University football team finally got the big deal he was waiting for in his entire football career. A tight end is a strategic position in an offensive team. (Whatever side the tight end is posted is called the “strong side” while the other side is called the “weak side.”) He got an invite to the weeklong combine where “Athletes attend by invitation only. Implications of one’s performance during the combine can affect perception, draft status, salary and ultimately career.” (Source: Wikipedia) That’s where National Football League coaches, general managers and scouts spot potential superstars. Brian psyched himself hard for the combine at the Velocity Sports Performance Center in California. But, before he could wow anyone at the combine, “doctors instead told him that he should retire before he even got started.” (Yahoo! Sports) A routine physical found a problem in one of his heart valves. It appears that, though it it’s not life-threat…

Gone But Not Missed


Lost but Gained a Lot More

February 13, 1972. Thirty-eight years ago. It was the first harvest of star apples (locally known as “kaimito”) in that family orchard in Pangasinan. Ellen, a gung-ho 12-year old, climbed a tall tree to get a fruit for her crying brother. She was already reaching for a ripe fruit when the branch she was stepping on broke. On her way down, her left arm got caught in a Y-shaped branch. She pulled her arm then fell down and landed on that arm. It got twisted 180 degrees. It just took 15 seconds… just a blur. But it changed her life totally and entirely. Her mother rushed to her aid. She pulled what she thought was a sharp branch sticking out of her arm above the elbow. It was her broken bone protruding. The injury severed the artery in her arm. Two days later, the surgeon had to amputate the arm to avoid gangrene. (In anger, her grandmother ordered all the “kaimito” trees chopped down.) After the surgery, while her arm was still swollen triple its size and in terrible pain, her mom comfo…

"I Screwed Up."