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It happened early morning on a day usually associated with jokes and pranks. But it was not at all funny. It was actually sorrowful. 
Today (April 1, 2016), fire gutted the Faculty Center of the University of the Philippines Diliman. The cause of the fire was not yet determined as of this writing. More than the huge damage to property, the official statement from its Chancellor, Dr. Michael Tan, pointed out an even bigger damage on their Facebook page.

There were no injuries or casualties. The other losses are incalculable, considering all the books, research notes, archival materials that went up in flames. There was much grieving from faculty, staff and students who rushed to the site.I could not even begin to imagine the loss of those precious lifeworks. The proverbial blood, tears and sweat flowed because of those “incalculable” materials. Now, it was reduced to ashes.

Without minimizing their loss, I was reminded of a much greater loss. It would happen at the Judgment Seat of Christ…