Big in Texas

We often hear it. Everything is big in Texas. From food servings to shopping malls, truly everything is big here. The gym we visit every morning is humungous. (Yes, with all the food they give us, I really have to exercise!) Other than the Olympic-size swimming pool, there’s the 8,000 square foot weight and cardiovascular area. And that’s only the second floor! Add to that the cushioned indoor track or the outdoor jogging trails in their almost 3-hectare park. But, Rajiv Richard, our resident facilitator, told me that his son’s school gym is much, much bigger than that! Truly, everything is big in Texas.

Dr. Robert Coleman and me.

I also met giants… of the faith.
In the first few days of the Global Proclamation Academy, we had the privilege of listening to them. One of them is Dr. Robert Coleman, author of “The Master Plan for Evangelism.” For forty years, this classic, biblical book on discipleship has challenged and instructed over 5 million people worldwide. He is already 80 years old. I asked him the secret of a lifetime of ministry. He said, “Always keep your priorities in mind.” (What’s our priority in MGC? I pray that we would focus on our mission statement: “Glorify God by Multiplying Biblical, Committed and Loving Followers of Jesus Christ.”)

Dr. Charles Ryrie and me. The Bible I am holding is my autographed copy of his Ryrie Study Bible. The guy next to us is Pastor Juan Diego of Costa Rica.

Another giant of the faith is Dr. Charles Ryrie, author of the ever-handy Ryrie Study Bible. He is already 83 years old. He is very precise in his analysis of the theological issues that we face nowadays. I find him also a warm, witty person.
I asked him what’s the pressing need today. He answered, “I think Christians now are not sure who or which would rule their lives.” He pointed out that that confusion is rooted in the erosion of Biblical authority in the hearts and minds of people.

They remind me of Hebrews 13:7-8. “Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” (NIV) I find myself praying that I would be like them in their passion. Most people their age would be in rocking chairs or nursing homes. But Coleman and Ryrie are still faithfully serving the Lord.

Brethren, let us imitate the faith of these giants!


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