Finally, after around 20 hours, I made it home yesterday.

When Dr. Ramesh Richard asked us to write a resolution, an area in our lives that we would deal with, I wrote in the 3x5 card that I would deal with my tendency to be impatient.

Heavy traffic. Late people. Delays. Those and a host of other things make me impatient. I made a resolve to deal with that.

I have this nagging suspicion that that has something to do with my saga in my flight back home. [Note: If you missed that "saga," you may read about it here in my blog:]

While waiting for my American Airlines plane to be repaired in the DFW airport, it already crossed my mind. Then, I missed my flight to the Philippines by a few minutes in SFO airport. Hmmm.

Then, during my long trip aboard Singapore Airlines from San Francisco to Hong Kong then Hong Kong to Singapore, I was in the middle seat. In my desire to get on a flight as soon as possible, I forgot to specify my preference. I usually like to seat either window or aisle seats. My arms need some space to move (especially when eating). But, there I was. For about 15 hours, in the middle of two people. Sigh… count to ten… at least in my flight from Singapore to Manila, I was in the window seat. I arrived tired. My legs were crampy and I felt clammy in my clothes.

Then, I discovered my two checked-in luggage wasn't there. All the books, my notes, my wife's new electric can opener and other stuff are all there. American Airlines assured me that my luggage would be on the flight that I missed. It was supposed to arrive ahead of me.

I had to file a missing luggage report. I almost blew my top… then I remember what I wrote in that 3x5 card.

Then, I had to drive home. A member sent his driver to drive my car and fetch me at the airport. He got off in Makati, a few minutes from the airport. I then took the wheels. Then, lo and behold, the traffic went to a syrupy slow pace. Like Charlie Brown, I sighed, “Good grief!”

God really means business. He is interested in our character more than our comfort.

[Update: Just got a call from the airline. My luggage has been located. PTL!]


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