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The noise was deafening! In response to its ad for a radio operator, many applicants crowded the small office of a shipping company. While waiting for their turn, they chatted so excitedly. Their combined voices were so loud that they had to speak louder to hear each other. They could hardly hear the loud speaker of the paging system in the office.
One applicant came in and sat quietly in a corner. Suddenly, he stood up and entered a door with a “No Entry” sign. After a few minutes, he came out smiling. He got the job. The others protested. “What happened? How come you got hired that easily?” He answered, “All of us are qualified for the job. Again and again, the loud speaker played a Morse code signal. The message goes like this: ‘We are looking for somebody who would always be alert. If you hear this, come to the office with the ‘No Entry’ sign ASAP.’ You were not listening at all.” [1]

Nowadays, we hear a lot of “voices” demanding for our ears. We live in a distracted, multi-tasking …

OMG, Philippines!

The headline says it all: “Philippines leads world in belief in God.” According to the “Belief About God Across Time and Countries” report of the General Social Survey of the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) of the University of Chicago, “The country with the strongest belief is the Philippines, where 94 percent of those surveyed said they always had believed in God. [Chile came in second with 88 percent.] In the United States, that response came from 81 percent of the people surveyed.” (Source: The NROC surveyed 30 countries since 1991 “to determine people’s range of beliefs, from atheism to strong belief in God; their changing beliefs over their lifetime; and their attitude toward the notion that God is concerned with individuals.” (Ibid) Also, 82 percent of Filipinos believe that “God is concerned with people in a personal way.” (Ibid) No doubt, we are a very religious country. After all, we are the only Christian nation in Asia.
However, sadly, we are a…