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Is the Virgin Birth a Myth? (Part 3)

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Why do skeptics accuse “that Christianity is not unique in its story of Christ’s incarnation, but that stories of supernatural births are common to pagan gods”? (Source: Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics) In short, they claim that our belief in the virgin birth of our Lord Jesus was, to quote an infamous line from a Filipino movie, “nothing but a second-rate, trying hard, copycat.” 
According to Dr. Norman Geisler, Christian defender of the faith, “One reason for the vehemence of these pronouncements is that, if true, the virgin birth establishes beyond question the life of Jesus as a supernatural intervention of God. If antisupernaturalists [those who do not believe in miracles and in a supernatural God] concede at this point, they have no case left.” (Baker. Emphasis added.) 

If the virgin birth really happened, then our faith is factual. If not, then it is fake.
One proof that the virgin birth really occurred was that, unlike myths, “Persons, places, and …