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Our Right To Know

It probably makes sense to us now why our lawmakers could not and would not pass the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act.
At this very moment, like combing through hair with a fine-toothed comb in search for blood-sucking lice, the online and offline media have examined and reexamined the recently released Special Audits Office Report Number 2012-03 or the Government-wide Performance Audit of the Commission on Audit (COA). (You can download the exhaustive 462-page report here.) 
[The] special audit of the Commission on Audit (COA) has revealed that at least 74 legislators exceeded their annual allocations of P70 million for representatives and P200 million for senators and showed a glaring failure to protect the people’s money as legislators wantonly allocated funds to dubious nongovernment organizations (NGOs) implementing ghost livelihood projects under the watch of agencies ill-equipped to monitor them. (Emphasis mine. Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer)It was such a damning report that …

The Virtual Plaza Miranda

“Maipagtatanggol ba natin ito sa Plaza Miranda?”  It is said that that question—“Can we defend it at Plaza Miranda?”—was the litmus test of the late President Ramon Magsaysay regarding everything and anything that his government said or did. (Plaza Miranda is the historic freedom park located in the heart of Manila.)
That’s the same test that Senator Teofisto “TG” Guingona III sought to submit every law crafted in the halls of the Senate and Congress through SBN 73 or the Philippine Crowdsourcing Bill of 2013. According to Section 1 of the said bill, “This Act seeks to allow the people to participate in the legislative process, online and/or with the use of information and communications technology, providing effective and responsive mechanisms therefor.” (To read the full text of SBN 73, click here
Senator TG explained in his privilege speech that it is “a ‘virtual’ Plaza Miranda. …asking large groups of people to contribute their ideas. … In that arena of ideas, we shall let the neti…

What We Should Do With Heroes

We are to copy heroes, not just crown them.
That’s what I believe the Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation (RMAF) conveyed during the recent private screening of the “Ripples of Change: Democracy and Governance” documentary for young journalists, online influencers such as bloggers and other advocates whom RMAF called “Greatness of Spirit ambassadors.” (from the press kit of the GOS Ambassadors’ Kapihan Session) The documentary highlighted “the transformative solutions that the Ramon Magsaysay awardees effectively employed to change their communities for the better.” (Ibid) The film screening laid the foundation for the upcoming, yearlong 55th anniversary celebration for the Ramon Magsaysay Award, Asia’s Nobel Peace Prize.
We award these modern-day heroes not only for what they have done. We award them so that others (read: us) would be inspired to do the very same things they have done or even better. It’s not just for recognition but for repetition, too. It’s a breath of fresh air since …


“A hatred of women.”
That’s how Merriam-Webster defined this nosebleed term.

And that’s one of the labels I got when I engaged lately with skeptics on Twitter regarding the issue of submission and leadership in marriage.

With all the tweets flying in rapid-fire succession from all directions, I knew that 140 characters would not be enough to explain what I think the Bible really taught on the issue. But, I did try. One even tried to lure me to talk about other hot button topics. But I refused to be drawn to it because the discussion—heated as it was already—would go off tangent. For that I got more flak. Well, no offense taken because I knew the so-called kitchen would be hot. And, I could stand the heat anyway.
I assume my skeptical friends are well meaning. I assured them that I condemn violence against women, too. 

I admit that there are men who abuse women on the pretext that the Bible gave them the right to do so. I condemn that also. The fact that men abused women by misquoting the…