I missed my flight

Sigh. I missed my flight.

I checked in at the DFW airport early. As in, two hours before the flight. While waiting, I listened to the MP3s of our just-concluded GPA. I did not hear the announcement that there was a gate change.

15 minutes before boarding time, I glanced at the flight monitors. I was shocked to see that the gate for my American Airlines flightto San Francisco, CA has been relocated to another about halfway across the airport. I ran and took the train to reach it, just in time for the boarding.

I sat in my assigned seat and waited.

...and waited.

It appears that the gate confusion was just a foretaste. The lady pilot announced that there was a technical problem in a very important navigational device. So, we had to get off the plane and wait outside while it is being repaired.

I asked the agent at the desk and he told me that that's the only flight I could get on to catch my Philippine Airlines flight to my country (with a short stopover at Guam). He assured me that if we leave before 845PM, I could still make it.

After almost three hours, we got on the plane again. But we arrived 20 minutes before the boarding time for my connecting flight. I heard my name called. I rushed to the front door of the plane. The agent told me that if I want to catch my plane, I have to run.

I ran, carrying my two carry-on bags. I was not wearing my rubber shoes. I was wearing my leather shoes (since I taught in a Sunday school class of NorthWest Bible Church in the morning). I ran from the domestic flight area to the international flight area of SFO airpot.

Huffing and puffing, I recalled the days I missed the Baylor Fitness Center. I think that sprint made up for all my absences in the gym. My legs cramping, sweat dripping all over me, I finally made it to the check in counter of Philippine Airlines.

It was already closed. I missed my flight.

Suddenly, images of Tom Hank's movie, The Terminal, flashed in rapid succession in my mind.

I walked back to the American Airlines counter (in the domestic flight area!) to ask for help.

I learned that Philippine Airlines is overbooked for the next days. The flight I missed is the only flight that night.

Maybe they would arrange for a hotel accommodation. All my clothes are in the checked-in luggage. I see myself standing helplessly in front of the Golden Gate. I prepared myself for a long wait.

The agent told me they would rebook me in another airline. She got me a Singapore Airline flight leaving at 1:20AM. But, it will be flying to Hong Kong. Then, fly to Singapore. And then I would have to catch a flight to the Philippines (Oh, no! Not again. Groan). If you would look at the map, the Philippines is between Hong Kong and Singapore. If I could just jump wearing a parachute... I feel like a boomerang.

So, instead of arriving at 530AM in the Philippines, I will be arriving around 5PM.

Update: I'm now back in the Philippines. But, my checked-in luggage got lost along the way :-(


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