Homeward Bound

By the time you are reading this, I am preparing to fly back home. Please pray for a safe trip. I will be boarding the plane at the Dallas Fort Worth Airport around 4PM this Sunday afternoon in Texas (5AM, Monday, in our country). Then change planes at San Francisco, California. After a short stopover at Guam, on Tuesday early morning, I will set foot on the Philippines once again.

I praise God for the privilege of representing our country in the Global Proclamation Academy (GPA) here in Dallas Theological Seminary. Other than listening to our dear master coaches, I enjoyed the friendship of 24 other pastors all over the world. I experienced the loving hospitality of my host families, who opened not only their houses but also their hearts to me. Couples and churches also hosted dinners for us, brought us to a rodeo and a country concert.

I admit there are times that I felt I don’t deserve to be in the GPA. A delegate teaches in a university. Another one is pursuing his doctoral degree. A pastor planted 100 churches. Another got blacklisted in his country for his faith. As I listen to their life stories and ministry reports, I am both awed and humbled. I am not only challenged but I am also changed.

I hope to hit the ground running. There are so many things I want to share with you. I want to impart not only notes on lessons but, much more, I want to share my life enriched with my GPA experience. I pray you would get more of me. (I am not referring to my weight though that is included.) I pray that you would receive back a better, more effective pastor.

But, here’s the challenge. This GPA is not just a God-moment for me. It is also for you, my dear church family. We are a part of the worldwide Body of Christ. Let us not just enjoy the confines of the four walls of our building. Let us break through our comfort zones and make an impact for Christ right where God raised us for such a time as this. We are a catalyst in our spheres of influence that He gave us. There is a world out there.

Brethren, see you soon!


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