Surfing on God’s Wave

“One of the next great moves of God is through the Christians in the workplace.” - Billy Graham.

Surfers don’t create waves. They just ride on it. One of God’s waves in our times is through the marketplace. The question is, “Are we surfing on it?”

Ed Silvoso, author of Anointed for Business, pointed out that God called the church to “make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19, NIV) and not just individuals. People change when their heart changes. To transform a nation, we must start with its heart. Other than the government, at the very heart of the nation is the workplace. Thus workers (both white and blue collars) play a major role in our country’s transformation.

We influence the workplace not only through hosting Bible studies in our companies but also applying what we have learned from it. We reach out to our peers and associates by sharing the Gospel to them and doing business by the Book. We pay the right taxes. We apply sound business practices. We uphold the highest business ethics. We care for our customers and employees. (By the way, that’s one of the things we can do to help our country: Pay your employees well.)

I pray that we at Makati Gospel Church would surf on God’s wave. We are right in the business district of the Philippines. Most, if not all, of our members and regular attendees are professionals, entrepreneurs and businesspeople. I believe our church plays a major role in workplace ministry. In fact, some of our leaders like Dr. Andrew Liuson and Bro. James Tioco are already doing just that. But I call on the entire church to rise up to our calling. To paraphrase Esther 4:14: “Who knows but that we have come to this strategic position for such a time as this?”

P.S. I encourage you to attend “Success is a Choice!” seminar this coming Friday, October 7, 2:00PM at the New World Renaissance Hotel. The speaker is Bobby Martin, former president and CEO of Wal-Mart International. He will share the principles that successfully guided the Wal-Mart International Division from a start-up company ($0) into the $30 billion company that it is today. Registration fee is P300. For more info, call Tina at 637-2076 and 77.

[1] Adapted from “Twelve Little Things Every Filipino Can Do to Help Our Country” by Alexander Ledesma Lacson


  1. Yes. You are definitely correct ptr. We spend more than 6 hours a day with our co-employees, kaya alam nila at basa nila ang pag--uugali ng isang kristyano, at sana maging mabuti tayong patotoo sa kanila. Let Jesus shine through US.


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