A Letter We Wouldn’t Like To Receive

Allow me to share an article that, depending on our point of view, would touch our hearts or step on our toes.[1] I read it from The Biblical Studies Foundation website (http://www.bible.org).

Some time ago an 18-year-old woman attended a worship service. For the first time in her life she heard a gospel message. The following Tuesday the pastor of the church received a letter from her. It read:

Dear Pastor,

Last Sunday I went to your church. I heard you preach that all men have sinned and rebelled against God. Therefore, they all face eternal separation from God. But then you also said God so loved the world He sent His Son, Jesus Christ to die for our sins and that all those who believe in him would go to heaven.

My parents recently died in rapid succession. I know they did not believe in Jesus. If what you preach is true, they are damned. You compel me to believe that either the message is true, or that you yourself don’t believe this message, or that you don’t care. We live only three blocks from your church, and no one ever told us.

You hypocrites!

I pray you and I would not receive a letter like that. That is why this coming November, our church will host a Christian Life and Witness Course. It is a free 5-lesson course where we will learn how to live an effective, victorious Christian life, how to share your faith with others, how to follow-up and care for new believers. You have a choice of either Thursday classes (730-9PM) or Saturday classes (10-1130AM).

Please make sure that you join this course. We are also looking for volunteers who would fill up key responsibilities during the course. If you feel led by the Lord, visit or call me or Joyce at the office.

You will discover that the Christian Life and Witness Course is a worthy investment of your time and effort. And, God willing, that will ensure that we will not receive a letter from someone living three blocks from Makati Gospel Church.

[1] We will continue the “Things We Can Do to Help Our Country” series next week.


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