Hope for Haiti

Last week, January 12, a 7.0-magnitude quake rocked Port-au-Prince, flattening almost the entire capital of Haiti and left 2 million people homeless and up to 200,000 dead. According to one U.N. official, “No matter what the final numbers end up being we already know that it will be heartbreakingly high.” (Source: The Washington Post)

But allow me to share an encouraging update that the Global Proclamation Academy got from one of its 2009 graduates: “Pastor Vijonet Demerothe says there is no hope, except spiritually. A lot of pastors, educators, university professors, professionals, and business men died during the earthquake. Some of the most important institutions (Churches, schools, government offices, and universities) are completely destroyed. They need to build hope in Haiti and right now there is no hope—but it’s a concept that needs to be created and we need to build an environment for hope with churches and universities

There are at least 40 people living in [Pastor Vijonet’s] yard and he providing food for all them, emotional support, services at the church... people are depending on him. Good news: more people accepting Christ, organizing worship services every morning and night - people show passion for Christ now - spirit of solidarity - living together in the street and sharing things; the church is growing in numbers - quality and quantity ... all they are doing is worshiping and praying! ... They are praying and staying positive ... trusting God to provide food for him and his children, and of course all others… [Pastor Vijonet] asked us to pray for his family and his church... that they would be comfortable and strong morally, spiritually, mentally, emotionally etc. Pray also that he would have more and more confidence to help people and the strength to do so. Finally he ended with this: ‘If anyone is sad about Haiti - tell them God is in control and he observes and feels that now there is a spiritual movement...people are crying, worshiping, and praising God! There is hope, spiritually!’ That is good news.”

That’s the church at work! Though they are in need themselves, they reached out to others in need also. Instead of wanting to be served, they serve. In the midst of an apparent hopeless situation, the church serves as a beacon of hope. Through their words and works, they are proclaiming that Christ is the only hope of their nation.

Brethren, let us pray for Haiti.


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