It seemed to be a formula for a film flop. “It was written by novice screenwriters, cast nearly entirely with amateurs, staffed largely by volunteers, and shot almost all on location.” (Source: “What Christians Watch,” Wall Street Journal, January 21, 2009) Yet, “Fireproof” earned more than US$33 million, making it “the biggest-grossing indie movie of 2008”. Not bad for a low budget movie by Hollywood standards. (“…a total outlay of only $500,000.”) “Fireproof” is all about firefighter Capt. Caleb Holt, a local hero for saving people trapped in a fire. But he faces the toughest rescue challenge ever: “…rescuing his wife’s heart.” (“Fireproof” DVD blurb) But it is not your usual “feel-good,” family-oriented movie. In fact, producers Stephen and Alex Kendrick, both Sherwood Baptist Church pastors, took the message of this movie so seriously that, before casting sitcom actor Kirk Cameron, they grilled him about his moral integrity. Cameron understood why they did it, “If you’re cheating on your wife or have a problem with drugs or alcohol, they would rather not have you out there on ‘The Today Show’ promoting the movie.” Movies like this have impacted Hollywood. According to the Christian Film & Television Commission, “More than half of all releases included ‘positive Christian characters’ last year, up from just 6% in 1991”. Producers saw that they don’t have to churn out trash to earn cash. Talk about redeeming the culture!

Yes, “Fireproof” is a blockbuster because it focused on the oldest institution in the world that is so close to God’s heart: Marriage. That’s the first He created before the government and before the church. Thus, the strength of the nation and the church depends upon the strength of marriage. He personally builds the family (Psalm 127:1) He also warned those who wanted to break up marriages. “Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate.” (Matthew 19:6) So, this coming March 14 (Saturday), 7pm, our Couples Fellowship here in Makati Gospel Church will feature “Fireproof”. Please bring your family and invite your friends and their families to watch this movie with us. It’s free. Someone wrote, “Fireproof is an entertaining and challenging reminder of what it takes to win in marriage!”

Brethren, let us “Fireproof” our marriage.


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