Offensive Pugad Baboy Cartoon

"Pugad Baboy" is a famous cartoon strip here in the Philippines. One can read it in one of the major broadsheets here, The Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI,

This morning, Oct 18, 2007, Thursday, I found this:

I immediately e-mailed PDI.

I am an avid fan of "Pugad Baboy." I have tolerated PM Jr. even if there are times that he used religion as a butt of his jokes (i.e. the "kulto finish" episode).

However, I find today's "religious nut" cartoon offensive (where Mang Dagul finds himself conversing with a person who asks him, "Paano ka nagpapasalamat sa biyaya na ibinigay sa yo ng Diyos?" [How do you thank God for the blessing He gave you?] Then Dagul cries out: "Religious nut!"). Yes, we all had our share of so-called religious nuts. But, just talking about God does not make one a nut case. This is stereotyping people who just wanted to talk about God. It is unfair. I don't find it funny.

Feel free to e-mail PDI <> if you find the cartoon offensive also. God richly bless you!


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