Vote and Make a Difference

On May 14, more than two weeks from now, we as a nation will be casting our votes. This mid-term election is very crucial for our country. For this will spell out what will happen to the remaining three years of the Arroyo administration.

It is sad that some religious leaders are endorsing candidates. There’s even an open letter circulated over the internet and published in major dailies from a megachurch declaring support for a certain senatoriable who profess belief in Christ. Now don’t get me wrong. I am happy for that candidate’s supposed conversion. But remember that there are other factors to consider in voting for a candidate.

Charles Colson in his article “Is Being Christian Enough?” put it wisely: “Our leaders have to be those who are best-suited for carrying out these tasks, the most confident and responsible. …some non-Christians may be better prepared to carry out government’s biblical mandate than some Christians. Does this mean that we shouldn’t encourage our fellow believers to seek elective office and support them once they do? Of course not. Christians are called to apply biblical truth to all areas of life, including politics and government. Nor does it mean that a candidate’s beliefs are irrelevant. A candidate’s beliefs shed light on his values, priorities, and character—all of which matter when it comes to governance.”

We need to strike a balance between principle, performance and proficiency. The fact that a candidate is Christian does not necessarily guarantee good governance. We have to see if the person is also competent for the job. It will be a bad testimony if the Christian candidate fails or gets eaten up (read: corrupted) by the system. That’s why I go for voter’s education, not candidate’s endorsements. I encourage you to visit the Phil. Daily Inquirer’s website ( and click on the “Eleksyon 2007” link to check on the profiles and listen to the podcasts of interviews with the candidates. We really need to prayerfully and thoughtfully weigh our options.

Brethren, let us vote and make a difference!


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