Let the world hear it!

Fritz Kreisler, a world-famous Austrian-American violinist, wanted to buy a rare violin. He really worked hard to meet the steep asking price. However, when he went back to the owner, he discovered to his chagrin that someone already bought it. He then went to the buyer and begged to buy the violin. But he refused to sell the violin for it is his prized possession among his collection.

Kreisler almost gave up. So he finally asked, “May I play the violin once more before you consign it to silence?” The collector gave his permission. So the virtuoso played with all his heart that he filled the room with a very heart-moving music. Then he gently and lovingly laid down the violin on its case.

The collector’s heart was so touched that he exclaimed, “I have no right to keep it to myself. It’s yours! Take it and let the world hear its music.” (Adapted from Our Daily Bread, February 4, 1994)

Tonight is the last night for the Metro Manila Franklin Graham Festival. It is the finale of a year-long arduous preparation. Even before it is over, let us thank God for all the people from MGC who got involved in the Festival. MGC may be a small church compared to other organizations and churches. But our key leaders are very visible in the various committees (not to mention that Deacon James Tioco is the Chief of Staff). We sacrificially poured out our time, talents and treasure. I believe God will make sure our service for Him is not in vain.

Our church provided a bus that will transport us from Makati to Luneta and back. It will leave 2PM for those who volunteered on different tasks such as counselors, choir and ushers. It will come back at 3PM for those who will bring friends and relatives to the festival. So let us not miss it!

But, in a sense, the Festival is just the beginning. Paul wrote, “I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes” (Romans 1:16, NIV). We have no right to keep the Gospel to ourselves. Everything we learned in the Christian Life and Witness Course does not apply only in the Festival. We are already equipped to share the Gospel. Keep the momentum we have gained. Never allow yourselves be confined in silence. Let us take the Good News of salvation and let the world hear it.


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