Why Wait For Others?

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Let me share a poem entitled “New in Town” which I read in The Biblical Studies Foundation website (http://www.bible.org).

The first time I worshipped at their church
About two months ago
I signed the registration card
So all of them would know

That I had just moved into town
And needed a little part
Of the loving concern for each other
That a Christian has in his heart.

I checked the proper boxes
To indicate my age
My marital condition
My sex, my spiritual stage.

No one smiled or shook my hand
When the services were through
And Satan whispered in my ear
“See, no one noticed you.”

But I stayed home each night that week
In hopes someone would call
It didn’t have to be the Preacher
Just any one at all

Who cared enough to take the time
In our dear Saviour’s Name
To bid a stranger welcome...
But no one ever came.

And then a thought came to my mind
That I’d like to share with you
Why should I sit and wait for others
To do what I could do?

So, I joined that church and here I am...
Tonight is “visitation.”
We’re glad you came, We hope you’ll stay
And join our congregation.

I like that question: “Why wait for others to do what we could do?” As I’ve written before, there are people who make things happen. Then, sadly, there are those who wait for things to happen. And, even more sadly, people who ask, “What happened?” I pray that we would be people who will not wait but create opportunities to serve God.

In view of this, again I am inviting you to sign-up for the Christian Life and Witness course starting November 3, 7:00PM (for the Thursday batch), and November 5, 10:00AM (for the Saturday batch). It’s a five-session course (2 hours each and once a week) designed for us to grasp key biblical principles that form a solid foundation for our faith. It will revitalize our faith and prepare us to share the Gospel with others.

Please sign-up for this course. Just approach the usher’s table to register. It’s free. We just have to have the heart not to wait for others to do what we could do.


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