Standing Up By Kneeling Down

Last Monday night, October 24, Rosa Parks died of natural causes. She was 92.

Who was Rosa Parks? She was a black American seamstress. On December 1, 1955, she took a Montgomery City bus on her way home from work. (During those days, the bus companies segregate the blacks and the whites. They also authorized the bus drivers to choose where people could sit. They even carry guns to enforce segregation.) She sat behind the seats reserved for whites. Then a white man boarded the bus. The driver told the blacks sitting just behind the white section to give up their seats for the white man. But she won’t budge. The driver had her arrested. The court convicted her for violating the segregation laws. She appealed her case. A year later, the US Supreme Court declared the segregation laws unconstitutional.

Her case was the catalyst that led to the modern civil rights movement. A boycott ensued led by Martin Luther King, Jr. that paralyzed the transport sector of Montgomery. This sparked non-violent mass protests throughout the country. The lowly seamstress became their icon.

I like what Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick said in honor of Rosa Parks:
“She stood up by sitting down. I’m only standing here because of her.”

We Christians stand up by kneeling down. Thus, I ask you to pray for the Christian Life and Witness Course (CLWC) which will start this Thursday (November 3) at 7:00PM and another on Saturday (November 5) at 10:00AM. Pray that the Lord would speak through the instructors so that the participants’ faith would be revitalized to the point that they can’t help but share it to others.

And, would you be the answer to your prayer? Join the class and experience it firsthand. It’s a free, five-session course (2 hours each and once a week) designed for us to grasp key biblical principles that form a solid foundation for our faith. You would also get the chance to become a counselor for the Metro Manila Franklin Graham Festival this coming February 2-5, 2006.
This is a worthy investment of your time, efforts and resources. Feel free to invite others. Just sign up at the usher’s table.

I believe this course will be a catalyst in your life. Allow yourself to be one of the channels of the gospel of God’s saving power. And, someday, when we face the judgment seat of Christ, I believe that someone will say, “I’m only standing here because of you.”


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