Pay It Forward

Remember the movie Pay it Forward?

It’s about Trevor McKinney, an eleven-year-old boy who shared this brilliant idea:
When we benefit from someone else’s good deed, instead of paying the person back, we have to “pay it forward.” Now we have something to pay forward. We ourselves would not have heard the Good News if people then were not sent to share it to us. That’s why every believer should be involved with missions.

First, we can pray. The Lord Jesus said, “Pray to the Lord of the harvest that He will send out laborers into His harvest.” (Matthew 9:38, Modern King James Version) Be informed by reading about mission work in Christian magazines or newsletters from Christian organizations or over the internet. Through that, we would know what to pray for.

Second, we can go. Consider joining in a short-term mission trip. My wife Ellen went with a group of women to Indo-China late last year. It was a very memorable experience for the team. They visited a tribe displaced by ethnic cleansing. There Ellen shared her life testimony. They also “smuggled” Bibles into a region where it is forbidden to own a copy. And the highlight of the exposure trip was a prayer walk in a tourist spot in Thailand. They were horrified when they saw rampant prostitution there. So they asked God to intervene. About two weeks later, a day after Christmas, a tsunami swept through that place.

Third, we can give. God provides His support through people. Thus, Makati Gospel Church is now receiving pledges for our mission fund. Pray and ask God how much He wants you to commit to give for a year. You can choose to give it monthly, quarterly or lump sum. Our goal for year 2005-2006 is P4.1M. We already inserted Mission Pledge cards in our bulletin. At the back of the card there’s a list of people and organizations we are supporting. You may drop your pledge card in the offering box next Sunday, July 10. I challenge you to make that step of faith!

Brothers and sisters, through praying, going or giving, let us “pay it forward!”

Yours in Christ,

Bro. Eyriche Cortez
Associate Pastor, English Worship Service


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