Oooops! Undo Send

“Think before you click” is a great mantra.

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Until, Gmail rolled out its new feature: The “undo send” button.
Gmail, the world’s most popular email platform, now gives users the option to set time delay between 5 and 30 seconds before sending an email. You’ll have that much time to hit undo send and save yourself heartache. [1]
To enable, click on the gear wheel icon at the top right of your Gmail interface. Choose “Settings. 

Click the box that says “Undo Send.” You can also set the “Send cancellation period” from 5 seconds to 30 seconds.

So, let’s say you accidentally clicked the “Send” button while composing your email OR you wrote a scathing reply to a memo from your boss then, after clicking “Send” you realize you should’ve sent it, just click the “Undo” message and it’s undone. Your back to the “Compose” window. That’s all! It’s that easy!

How I only wish something like that could be invented for life’s mistakes!

Still, even if I love this new Gmail feature, I think it’s still better to “Think before you click!” Simmer down before writing that email or before clicking “Send” even when you have to let off steam by writing it. 

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After all, we are commanded, “let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger” (James 1:19, ESV)

Nonetheless, thank you, Gmail! Great job!

[1] Jose Pagliery (2015, June 23), “Gmail now has an 'undo send' button,” CNN Money, accessed from


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