Out of the Box

I have been blogging for more than seven years already. Somehow, it came to a point that I felt it’s getting nowhere.

I was getting nowhere. 

Yes, my blog is syndicated as an inspirational column in Northern Times, a provincial newspaper in Pangasinan. (The newspaper publisher even offered to compile it in a book.) People told me how much they appreciate what I wrote.

However, for a year now, I have been erratic in blogging. If you would look at my archives, there’s a chasm between October 2011 and March 2012. Then, there’s another gap between April 2012 and August 2012. I usually write on major social and political events when it happens as it happens. But I just could not write. (It's a good thing my publisher had the patience to sift through my blog archives to keep my column going.) To put things in context, my family and I went through major transitions (read: challenges) during those times. That and other factors drained my writing juice. I felt I had nothing to give anymore. It’s more than a mental block.

I’m trapped in a box.

Slowly but surely, I believe God is coaxing me to crawl out of the box. First, He goaded me thru “The Servant Leader” workshop facilitated by Boris Joaquin last August. Other than gleaning a lot of valuable lessons there, I also met Social Media specialist Janette Toral and SEO professional Tof Salcedo. It was a “divine appointment,” so to speak. That led me to participate in the Digital Influencers Marketing Summit held last September here in Manila. 

There I saw fellow bloggers who became catalysts of change. They are ordinary people like you and me. Yet, they are making an extraordinary impact. It opened my eyes to a fresh dimension of what I could do. I felt my writing wings fluttering again. (In view of what I learned, how I really wish I could attend the upcoming Digital Influencers Marketing Summit Cebu this Saturday, November 24!)

I decided to try something new. I resolved to know more about the Social Media. Some weeks later, I soaked in The Secret to Getting Customers and Clients Onlinetaught by Internet Marketing expert Ben Francia (who also graciously committed to meet time and again for coffee and chat about anything and everything under the sun about the Internet) and Wordcamp Philippines by WordPress. I realized that if I stop learning today, I would stop blogging tomorrow. 
Motivational speaker Kimanzi Constable and me at the Wordcamp Philippines 2012

I became more active on Twitter (@pastor_ey). I also took on some writing and social media projects. I am presently contributing articles for DigitalSpidey tech blog. And, I am now getting back into the groove of writing in my “Straight from Pastor Ey” blog. My writing juice tank overflows.

By God’s grace, I’m out of the box.

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