Sex Education

Though admittedly I haven’t seen it, whatever the teaching modules on sex education in our public school’s curriculum contain, I personally believe the teachers won’t use FHM or Playboy magazines as visual aids. Sadly, the steamy debate over the implementation of the Department of Education allowing these modules to be taught to students as young as 9 years old seems to cloud rather than clarify the issue. One petition for a restraining order filed before the Quezon City Regional Trial Court made this bold accusation: “For being baseless, DepEd Memo 261 is unreasonable and arbitrary unless DepEd is candid enough to admit that its real agenda is to transform the sex behavior of our kids towards being sex-obsessed.” (Source: But, the editorial chides the petitioners, “[Their petition] reveals the lack of reasonableness, the breathtaking bad faith, of their position… To impute such unreasonable, indeed immoral, conduct to the country’s education officials, all the while assuming a monopoly on public interest and good intention, is not only outrageous; it is unchristian.” (Ibid)

Truly, we can see that such extreme position creates a narrow-minded caricature of all moralists (that includes us) that harms rather than helps. Yes, it’s a cause for concern. But, I caution parents like me to be careful not to confuse the issues. Instead of cringing, I challenge us to catch this chance to coach our children about sex. Even our constitution calls for that parental guidance: “The natural and primary right and duty of parents in the rearing of the youth for civic efficiency and the development of moral character shall receive the support of the government.” (Ibid)

We can comment and criticize. But ultimately we parents, not the school system, are the ones God had put in charge of teaching life’s principles and skills to our children. The school just complements our task. He commanded us, “So love the LORD your God with all your heart, soul, and strength. Memorize his laws and tell them to your children over and over again. Talk about them all the time, whether you're at home or walking along the road or going to bed at night, or getting up in the morning.” (Deuteronomy 6:5-7, CEV) We cannot and should not cede that commitment to their teachers. We are to carry it out faithfully.

Brethren, we parents are in charge.


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