Answers.com® defines “kakistocracy” as a “government by the least qualified or most unprincipled citizens.” (The word is taken from the Greek words “kakistos,” which means “worst,” and “kratia,” which means “power, rule, government”). In his hard-hitting “On Target” column, Ramon Tulfo defines “kakistocracy” as “a government run by the worst of its citizens. In short, a government run by scoundrels.” (Phil. Daily Inquirer, 04/03/10) This Monday, May 10, 2010, as we cast our vote for national and local leaders, we will determine whether we are really a democracy or we are actually a kakistocracy.

Our church remains non-partisan, that is, we will not endorse candidates. Freedom of choice is integral in freedom of religion. Bloc voting violates that freedom. But, again let me clarify, non-partisan does not mean non-participation. We believe it is our Christian duty to vote. It is our responsibility to choose the most qualified and the most principled among the candidates. I don’t think we are doomed to just settle for the lesser evil.

For me, there are at least three things we must look for a candidate. Number one is character. Nowadays, the candidates are vocal about their faith. He does not have to profess the same faith that I possess as long as that candidate does not compromise his faith. For example, I may disagree with his view on the issue on contraceptives. But I would respect his beliefs as long as he is steadfast in his stance. If a candidate can compromise his convictions, he can compromise everything else. Number two is competence. Check if the candidate is fit for the job. If he is running for the first time for that position, I want to see his credentials and his advocacies. Debates are very revealing as far as the acumen of the candidates. If they can’t even explain their position on certain issues, chances are great that they don’t know how to deal with it. Number three is consistency. Evaluate a candidate’s track record or experience. So, if he is running for reelection as a lawmaker, I want to see not just how many bills he filed but also how many of those became law and what kind of laws. I don’t care how many bridges or waiting sheds he has built. That is not part of his job description. And, that’s our tax money anyway. It’s not from his pocket. He is supposed to craft laws. I don’t want to hear campaign promises or motherhood statements. I want a concrete platform.

Brethren, say “No!” to kakistocracy! Vote wisely!


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