King of Pop (Part 1)

Last Thursday, June 25, Michael Jackson, 50, died of cardiac arrest. The death of the Pop icon stunned the world. Some even compared the shock on the news of his death to that of the assassinations of US president John F. Kennedy and John Lennon of The Beatles. Other than all his songs that went off the chart, Jackson gave the world in 1982 the first MTV with his “Thriller” video, which was the top-selling album of all time, with a whopping 41 million plus album sale. Since his 2005 acquittal from child molestation charges, Jackson lived like a hermit. But recently he announced that he will have a comeback concert tour in London this July. He labeled it “the final curtain call.” But the curtain abruptly closed even before the first song. The Philippine Daily Inquirer summarized his life this way: “While Jackson reigned as the ‘King of Pop’ in the 1980s, his once-stellar career had been overshadowed by his colorful public behavior, his startling physical transformation and multiple allegations of child abuse.” (

Psalm 90:12 reminds us, “Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” Jackson’s death brought to my mind a thought-provoking question posed by Craig Groeschel, senior pastor of, in his “30 Days to Live” series: “Do you ever wonder what you would do if you were told you only had a few days left to live?” One of the things Groeschel encourages us to do is to ask ourselves how we want people to remember us and then start living accordingly. I personally hope that people would remember me according to my own mission statement: “I want to be a catalyst that brings out the best in my spheres of influence.” One of my mentors, Dr. Ramesh Richard, has already prepared his tombstone with these words inscribed: “Spokesman for the Sovereign Savior Worldwide.” What about you?

It is time to make a difference while we can. In view of this, Makati Gospel Church will hold our First Small Group Summit on July 4, 8AM-5PM. Even if you are not a member of a small group in MGC, we invite you to join the summit as we look at what God has laid in the hearts of our leadership about the direction of our church. We want to become a church of small groups, not just a church with small groups. Now is the time to focus on people and things that matters in life.

Brethren, if ever, what would people remember about you?


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