[Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion and does not represent in any way Makati Gospel Church.]

We Christians almost lost the culture wars by default. I said “almost” because I am an optimist. I still believe we can still make a difference. Still, by God’s grace, we can make an impact in our society.

People say “Indie” (short for “independent”) films do not make money. Why? They tackle serious topics that the bigwigs in the movie industry won’t dare to produce because they say it will not be a box-office hit. So those big movie outfits (not all of them I hope), with their big budget and big name stars, settle for the moneymaking formula (Read: sex and violence). Thus, people turn to Hollywood movies instead. As a result, the local movie industry is dying or what we see now are the death throes. Sadly, those who do produce Indies churn up movies with, as someone noted, “the stereotype images of third world poverty, sex and gambling trade and violence proliferating from current crop of Filipino films recognized in international film festivals.” So, we hear of those movies that are critically acclaimed but paint us as gamblers or macho dancers. As a Filipino, I cannot be proud of such works, though there are some notable examples (like Cherry Pie Picache’s movie, “Foster Child”). Yes, they say, art only imitates life. But, it is such a poor imitation.

That’s why it’s such refreshing news to hear about Panoramanila’s maiden project, “Ploning.” The release date is April 30, 2008. Set in scenic Cuyo, Palawan, the movie is about a local woman
’s story of hope and love. I personally know some of the people who bankrolled the movie. They are Christians who are pursuing a life that matters, who said enough is enough and cannot just watch helplessly as our culture is squeezed into the mold of the society’s corrupt system. I have committed to support them in prayer. When I watch the movie, I will pay my ticket instead of asking my producer friends to give me a complimentary ticket because I want this movie to earn. I will not buy pirated copies of this movie. If this becomes commercially successful, I believe it would encourage more Indie producers to come up with quality movies.

Brethren, it’s time to redeem the culture.


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