Empowered to Serve

Serving is more a blessing than a burden when we serve according to our gifts. We serve more in the power of the Spirit and less in our own strength. One way of checking what spiritual gifts we have is through the way we respond to a need.

During a church potluck, a member dropped a plate of pancit noodles on the new floor of the fellowship hall. Here’s how people with different gifts responded: The one with the gift of service rushed to help and said, “Oh, let me help you clean it up.” Then the person with the gift of administration immediately took charge, “Lucas, would you get the mop? Matthew, please help pick this up. John could you get him another plate?”

“The reason that it fell was because it was too heavy on one side,” the person with the gift of teaching commented. The one with the gift of exhortation added, “Next time, maybe you should let someone else carry it.” Another with the gift of giving handed her own plate, “Here, you can have my pancit.” The one with the gift of mercy patted the person on the back, “Don’t feel too bad. It could have happened to anyone.” 

What about the person with the gift of prophecy? He shook his head and said, “I told you so!” (Adapted from the illustration database of Sermon Central)

First Peter 4:11 say, “As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace” (ESV). Note that each one of us has a gift. Second, our gifts are not for our personal benefit but we are to use it to serve others. Third, since we are God’s stewards, we are ultimately accountable to Him for the way we maximized our gifts.

When we serve according to our gifts, we work smarter, not just harder. In the end, we are more effective in our service. Truly, when God calls, He empowers.

Brethren, God called and empowered us to serve others.


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