Time for Metamorphosis

A man from a backward province visited Metro Manila for the first time with his wife and son. He could not believe his eyes as he marveled at the sight of towering skyscrapers and huge shopping malls.

Inside the mall, he saw an old, gaunt woman limp towards the elevator. The doors closed. Then a few minutes later, when the doors opened, his jaws dropped to the floor when a young, beautiful woman got out of the elevator. The father excitedly shouted at his son, “Quick! Go get your mother.” (Adapted from the illustration database of Biblical Studies Foundation)

Some of us with drooping eye bags, double chins, wrinkled face and bulging stomachs would love such a dramatic change! But, I personally admit, it is not that easy [Excuse me. Hand me over that glazed donut, please.] If it was hard physically, just imagine spiritual transformation! Romans 12:2a commands us: “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

First we have to step on the brakes and go on reverse. We have to stop allowing the corrupt world-system to squeeze us into its mold, as one popular Bible paraphrase put it. Then, we have to make an 1800-turn, step on the gas and race towards renewal. We have to pursue change. The phrase “be transformed” was from a Greek word where we got “metamorphosis.” Picture an ugly caterpillar crawling on a branch. Then it spins a cocoon that thoroughly encased it. After some time, it breaks open to reveal a beautiful butterfly. This is not an imaginary elevator change. This is metamorphosis, real change!

On our own we cannot cause that metamorphosis. “Be transformed” is in the passive voice. That means God is the one doing the changing. We must submit to Him and accept His changes. It is also in the present tense. That implies that metamorphosis is not a one-shot deal or once-in-a-lifetime event. It is a continuing process. But the changes will not be shallow but deep and will not be temporary but permanent.

Brethren, it’s time for metamorphosis!


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