Spending So Much On Father's Day

Every third Sunday of June we celebrate Father’s Day. I laughed when I read how a boy defined Father’s Day: “Well, it’s just like Mother's Day… only you don’t spend so much.”

Believe it or not, this special day for fathers was only a recent one. But you can trace its origin 95 years ago.

William Smart, a Civil War Veteran, was a single parent. His wife died while giving birth to their sixth child. He did not remarry. Instead he lovingly and selflessly raised all his children by himself on a rural farm in Spokane, Washington. One of his kids, Sonora, wanted to honor the sacrifices of William after hearing a Mother’s Day sermon. Thus, she held the first Father's Day celebration on June 19, 1910. William was born in June.

Since then, there were efforts to set apart the third Sunday of June as Father’s Day. But it was only in 1972 that President Richard Nixon signed a law making it an official celebration.

But, with or without a law, honoring our parents is something we have to do. The Bible says, “Honor your father and mother”—which is the first commandment with a promise—“that it may go well with you and that you may enjoy long life on the earth.” (Ephesians 6:2-3, NIV)

To honor your parents is to honor God. For how can you say you honor God whom you can’t see if you dishonor your parents whom you can see? You may not spend so much financially to honor them. But you really have to spend time and effort in doing so. How? You honor them by praying for them, leading them to the Lord and obeying them. 

Your parents may not be ideal ones. But God gave them to you. The Bible did not say, “Honor your parents if they are good parents.” You honor them unconditionally and sacrificially.

And… it wouldn’t hurt if you spend so much for your parents. :-)

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